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What is SwimAmerica?
SwimAmerica was designed by America's foremost experts on swimming, professional swim coaches. We use a station method to teach children to swim quickly and efficiently. Our effective and logical teaching progressions builds strong swimmers by introducing new skills while constantly reviewing those previously mastered. This simple, effective method REALLY TEACHES CHILDREN TO SWIM WELL!

How does the SwimAmerica program work?
SwimAmerica is a developmentally sound progressive curriculum divided into levels or stations each with a goal statement. All lesson plans were expertly designed to be technique oriented and goal driven. Swimmers move independently of their classmates through each level. We use a progressive award system to track skills and honor the swimmer's achievements in the pool.

What types of learn to swim programs does SwimAmerica offer?
SwimAmerica lessons are complete and diverse. We offer lessons for babies, toddlers, school-age children and adults.

Who can operate SwimAmerica?
SwimAmerica is operated by certified ASCA level 2 coaches or higher who have been licensed by SwimAmerica, a program of the American Swimming Coaches Association

How does a program director maintain a SwimAmerica license?
The SwimAmerica program director must be an ASCA level two coach with a current membership. Staff is required to be trained using the SwimAmerica training schedule and all coaches must take the online certifying exam in the SwimAmerica program director manual.

How is the SwimAmerica program director trained?
The program director will receive part one, of a customized online training with the national director for SwimAmerica. In addition, there is a part two which is an operations manual with an exam to be completed. You will be issued a license on completion of these two parts.


Who trains and certifies the coaches/instructors?
The program director trains and certifies the coaches/instructors. There are two required parts to training. The first is an in-service (of approximately 4 hours duration) which covers: About SwimAmerica - Teaching Methodology - Swim School Organization and key safety issues of local operation. The second is an online self-study course with an exam. Successful candidates receive a SwimAmerica instructor card.

How are the coaches/instructors trained?
Coaches are trained by the program director using the SwimAmerica training system provided in the program director manual by the national office. Once trained, the coaches can go online and read, review and take an online exam for certification. These exams will be graded and certification will be immediate.

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