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We teach children to love swimming, so they can be good at it!

You teach your kids so many essential life skills when they're young ,swimming should be one of them! Children actually learn much more while they are having fun – so that's what we strive to do! We teach your children to become a fish in the water with the most advanced swimming techniques and effective teaching progressions invented by the world's best coaches! Our environment is safe and fun! Our environment is safe and fun!

  • SwimAmerica is the official learn to swim school system of the American
             Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) and one of the finest in the world
  • There are over 900 locations in America and worldwide.
  • We are the only SwimAmerica location in Sri Lanka, and one of a handful in
  • We have been in operation since 2010.
  • We are part of Killer Whale Aquatics, Sri Lanka’s most successful swim team.
  • We have thousands of graduates, and some have gone on to become national
             champions, represent Sri Lanka at international competitions and won
             medals to bring glory to our country.

Do you want your child to learn to swim the right way, the first time?


Why Swim America ?

SwimAmerica is a professionally run, coach supervised organization, with a well trained staff teaching swimmers of all ages how to swim using proper technique, so swimmers are able to pursue a wide variety of aquatic activities.

We are Established!
Created in 1988 by ASCA, SwimAmerica is proven! With over 900 schools in the US and it's 30 year proven teaching curriculum teaches swimmers to swim the right way the first time!
We are Quality!
We teach children to swim - not just teach lessons. Highly trained dedicated instructors and small classes provide a quality learning environment for your child.

We are Goal Oriented!
Our swimmers and parents know from their first lesson the specific goals and skills being mastered to become a proficient swimmer for life. Swimmers are recognized as goals are...
We put Safety First!
Our lessons teach all the swim skills your child needs to be safe in and around water. Our swim schools focus on safety skills and the ability to swim a minimum of 300 meters Freestyle.​​

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Want to be a great Swimmer.

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