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The Program

SwimAmerica is a US national learn-to-swim program operated by the American Swimming Coaches Association through over 500 Program Directors at over 900 sites across the USA and the world. It's the state of the art learn-to-swim program in the world today; brought to you by the same people who have brought you the most successful sport team on the planet, the USA Olympic Swimming Team. What we learn teaching people to set world records, we use to teach new swimmers to enjoy swimming with the best techniques in the world.

SwimAmerica - Sri Lanka commenced operations in June 2012 and is brought to you by Sri Lanka’s most successful swim team: Killer Whale Aquatics! KWA has produced some of Sri Lanka’s most successful swimmers including Olympian Matthew Abeysinghe, the most successful South Asian Games athlete for Sri Lanka in any sport.

We are an International brand professionally run, coach supervised organization, and with a well trained staff teaching students of all ages how to swim using proper technique, so students are able to pursue a wide variety of aquatic activities.

Our programs feature tightly-edited progressions, developed by the best learn-to- swim experts in the world, designed to accomplish effective and rapid learning, and constantly updated to maintain state of the art status within the sport of swimming.

We offer both children's and adult learn-to-swim lessons. In addition, we also offer fitness swimming and competitive training (for triathletes and mercantile swimmers) for adults.

“ SwimAmerica is the finest learn-to-swim school system in history ”

Matthew Abeysinghe
The most successful athlete for Sri Lanka at South Asian Games, with 14 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medals earned in 2016 and 2019. Developed in house by the same program your child will be swimming in at SwimAmerica and Killer Whale Aquatics!
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